India Wildlife Tours Visit to Lesser Known Indian Wildlife Sanctuaries


India with its 441 animal sanctuaries is one of the best destinations for wildlife tours. The diversity of the country’s terrain has always been helpful in growth of varied kinds of flora and fauna to preserve which there is horde of wildlife sanctuaries. India wildlife tours opens up gates to a world of untouched beauty and enthralling adventurous rides. If you have already visited lot many popular national parks of India then this time on your wildlife tours to India go beyond the expected and seen. Explore the lesser known wildlife sanctuaries which are may not be very popular for they are far-fetched or for there aren’t too many good lodging options available nearby, but are real repertoire of wilds. Get feared to bits at such lesser known wildlife parks and enjoy India wildlife tours like never before. Blackbuck National Park: Blackbuck National Park at Velavadar is situated in the province of Gujarat in India. An erstwhile grassland of Maharaja of Bhavnagar the park is surrounded by agriculture fields and wastelands. The park is a great habitat to big herds of antelopes.

A unique grassland ecosystem is one of the attractions of the park other than its substantial population of Blackbuck, wolfs and Lesser Florican. Even species of avifauna family are spotted in the park which includes Sandgrouse and larks. Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: Clearly a heaven for ornithologists, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is situated on the banks of Vembanad Lake. Set in the gorgeous Kerala backwaters the place is a favorite haunt of migratory birds. The main attractions of the region are its local birds such as cuckoo, waterfowl, egret, owl, cormorant, Brahminy kite, Siberian Crane, Lark, Flycatcher and more. Get up early to be able to catch the real fun of birding and venture outside at dawn to capture sights of birds leaving their forest homes to fly over the lake. Enjoy morning trek and gather some of the most delightful memories of your India wildlife tour packages. Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary:

Formerly known as Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary this forest reserve is an isolated protected area of evergreen forests in the state of Assam in India. The forests was fragmented and surrounded by tea gardens and small villages and alter artificial regeneration was used to develop well-stocked forest in the region. The resultant biodiversity is the cause of ever increasing influx of tourists in the region. The sanctuary is home to India’s only gibbons- the hoolock gibbons and Bengal Slow Loris. The sanctuary is home to the only apes in the country namely Western Hoolock Gibbon and the only nocturnal primate as well and thus is a great place for India wildlife safaris. On your India wildlife tours explore these lesser known wildlife destinations and venture deep inside the wilds to have the real enthralling experience of jungle safari.

UK Holiday Cottages – Do not forget the kitchen sink!


When planning your UK self catering holiday you are faced with many complex issues and questions. Where to go, when, with whom and what kind of holiday (active or relaxing), When you have made these decisions you are also faced with the obvious question of what you need to take with you. Some favour the travelling light option – everything in a rucksack, whilst others end up bringing everything including the proverbial (and in some cases physical) kitchen sink. Thankfully these days the internet provides full information on the facilities provided in most self catering cottages. As long as you choose a trusted site to check the details, then you should know exactly what you’re going to find when you step through the door. Gone are the days when you would walk into a shell of a house with some hand me down furniture and a few old pots and pans.

Most modern holiday cottages are often better equipped than your own home, with all the mod cons including washing machines, fridges, microwaves, satellite TV, and the all important dishwasher (you are on holiday after all!). So hopefully all you need to focus on with your luggage is what you’re going to wear and of course what you’ll be eating. Despite the fact that most UK holiday cottages are within a short drive of a supermarket and are often well served with good local shops, most of us still pack enough provisions to survive a 6 month trip to the north pole. Having packed the car to the rafters often the biggest issue on arrival is where to actually store everything without covering the sofa and chairs with cereal and drinks.

Of course when we do arrive the thought of cooking 3 meals a day often comes a poor second to eating out in the local pub or restaurant, and so all too often 90% of what we take we end up repacking at the end of the week! One thing to always remember is a good supply of first aid provisions – bite cream, sun cream (especially for the kids – it is sunny occasionally in the UK after all!), and painkillers for when you may have had a little too much the night before. Above all don’t forget to pack your camera and your sense of humour. Enjoy!

Outdoor Travel Gear For Swimmers

Available on the market today is a few really great waterproof cameras design the weather sets out to heat up people are sure to be spending added time underwater. With all the beautiful water ways on earth that are available for people to spend their summer months vacations at, who would like to miss out on capturing their experiences on film.

As the mercury keeps rising and the temperatures have a tendency to sizzle everyone is undoubtedly considering having a plunge in a very cool body of water whether it is a pool, lake, or even an ocean. If the person now wishes to snap some photographs of the waterside fun all they must do is always to purchase a waterproof camera. There are several which might be now developed which can be small as well as sophisticated and lightweight.

One terrific waterproof camera could be the Olympus Stylus 850 SW, which can be waterproof, shock resistant, and freeze resistant. It includes a sleek look as well as a built in flash in the high tech digicam with a sharp two and half inch LCD screen. It can be dropped from five feet across the ground, dunked right into a pool of water nearly ten feet, and in some cases chilled for an incredible freezing temperature of fourteen degrees Fahrenheit and will also still produce incredibly sharp eight megapixel photographs. This wonderful camera features a optical zoom of triple and face detection software that will tell regardless of if the the subject is human or landscape. The buttons are small as well as the camera only weighs five ounces.

Another terrific waterproof camera available on the market will be the Pentax Optio W30, which can be small and lightweight that will also be submersed in water approximately ten feet. It includes a three times optical zoom with face recognition capability, seven point one megapixel sharpness, a internal flash, and also a two along with a half inch viewing screen. This camera takes incredibly sharp photographs above and below the top of the water, yet it’s not shock proof.

The SeaLife ECOshot can be another camera for that serious underwater enthusiasts, that is submersed in water approximately seventy-five feet which enables it to withstand a drop from six feet up and running. The ECOshot takes six megapixel-quality photographs, nonetheless it offer no optical zoom merely a digital zoom and contains no face-recognition abilities. This camera only weighs half a pound which is wrapped in hard, military strength rubber. It is sturdy and also a heavy part of hardware that ought to be considered in purchasing when the individual uses a perilous underwater adventure.

If the consumer does not want to waste more than $ 200 on a waterproof camera, the real key or she should think about purchasing a 1 time use thirty-five mm camera such as Kodak Sport. It is lightweight and to use as well as shock resistant and waterproof nearly fifty feet. The Kodak Sport does count on film, but it really takes incredible photographs and contains extremely great lighting capabilities.